The NGS New Generation School became the first school in Kazakhstan to develop and create its own NFT collection.

Within the framework of the fundamental concept of “Smarter! Stronger! Brighter!”, as part of the 360-degree development, NGS strives to develop in its students an interest in the latest technologies. The methods that are used in school are classrooms equipped with iMac computers, and lessons in ICT and Robotics, which are included in the mandatory program from the elementary grades. The digital environment integrated into educational processes promotes deeper and accelerated development of new technologies, making students confident users of the most advanced tools and programs.

This year a New Generation School managed to digitize a charity project. Students and staff of the school took part in the creation of a unique art work in order to subsequently put it up for auction in order to transfer funds from the sale to charitable organizations.

An NFT, or non-interchangeable token, is a unit of account with which a digital impression of any unique item is created. Among them can be: paintings, photos, videos, music, GIFs - any digital content. Such content in the project became the emblems of NGS houses: Yellow lions, Blue sharks, Green crocodiles and Red Eagles. The house system at NGS is a system of motivating students to be proactive in learning, actively participate in social life, form team spirit and cultivate personal qualities. Each of the NGS houses is special for groups of students in this motivation system, and they formed the basis of the prototypes of NFT creative work.

All 900 students and school staff participated in the creation of each character. Each class had its own part of the creative work - they applied their handprints with paint and the outlines of the characters gradually gathered from the handprints.

You can see the whole process of work at the link


After that, the physical paintings were digitized using high-resolution photography and put up for sale on the Open Sea NFT platform. Now all funds from the sale of large-scale NFT art will be directed to charity and targeted projects of various social organizations.

You can purchase NFT paintings and contribute to charity by clicking on the open link opensea.io

Source: https://tengrinews.kz/news

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