NGS students, employees of the NGSolutions management company and the New Generation Schools actively participate in city sports events. The annual Almaty Half Marathon - 2022, the fifth anniversary start for residents and guests of the Southern capital, was no exception. The corporate fund “Courage to be the first” organized the half marathon, bringing together about 5,500 amateur athletes of our city.

On April 17, the participants of the race gathered at the Park of the First President, determined to reach the finish line at the Central Stadium. Deputy Akim of Almaty A.O. Kyrykbayev, representative of the general partner of Onlinebank Dauren Sartayev and organizer of the competition Saltanat Kazybayeva made welcoming remarks to the runners.

The participants started in turn: at 8 a.m., amateurs with a distance of 10 km and representatives of Scandinavian walking were the first to open the race, followed by amateur athletes and relay participants at 8:20 for a distance of 21.1 km. In 2022, the half marathon reached a new level, since the Kazakhstan Half Marathon Championship (21.1 km) was held as part of the competition, so amateur athletes had the opportunity to compete with distinguished professional athletes.

Students and staff of the New Generation School cheerfully held the running route of the half marathon, without slowing down from the start to the finish line. Throughout the entire distance, they were greeted with stormy applause by fans from NGS. The support of the guys gave even more strength to our runners, as a result they showed good results. Branded T-shirts were thought out for all participants of the race and the guys from the support group: black - for employees, white - for students, so that it would be easier to cooperate in a huge mass of people.


Participation in sports projects of the foundation “Courage to be the first” is a good tradition and a good reason to unify the team spirit of NGS employees and students! In this bright sporting event, each participant could feel like a part of a large sports community, sharing a special type of worldview in which sport is not just a hobby, but an important part of modern man’s life. For the New Generation School, sport is also a component of the educational concept “Stronger!”, an important aspect of the comprehensive development of any child. And sport is always a source of positive emotions.

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