Emergencies, natural disasters and military conflicts have accompanied humanity since its inception and continue to arise in the modern world. No matter how safe our world may seem, experience shows that you need to be prepared for everything: natural and man-made disasters or armed clashes sometimes cannot be prevented by the intelligence and achievements of people. But being ready for everything is already a serious breakthrough in a person’s attitude to the world around him.

Remember the earthquake of 2011 in Japan, when the Fukushima nuclear power plant was under threat of explosion of nuclear reactors. The whole world was watching intensely in real time as the steadfast, organized Japanese carried out rescue operations and tried to prevent a catastrophe. If the foundations of civil defense and a high level of responsibility had not been written into their lives from an early age, perhaps we could have seen a different, sadder result. This example is one of many that confirms how important it is to train in civil defense and start it from the school curriculum.

For NGS students, civil defense and elementary military training (EMT) are a mandatory part of school education. In this direction, students are provided with a set of theoretical and practical classes, including competitions and excursions necessary for children. The school actively cooperates with other educational organizations and supports joint activities aimed at preparing children for action during emergencies.

Among the latest events on civil defense and EMT: an introductory tour of NGS high school students to the Military Technical School of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan on February 19, dedicated to the World Civil Defense Day. An educational tour of the military museum was organized for students of grades 10-11. After that, the guys practiced disassembling the Kalashnikov assault rifle, shooting from a distance of 25 meters, putting on gas masks and protective suits and trained first aid skills.

Such activities, mandatory for NGS, are aimed at developing high moral and psychological qualities in children and readiness for protective actions in case of unforeseen emergencies. Practice experience and instilled defense skills help children gain a sense of confidence and self-control, prepare for the manifestation of responsibility and physical endurance. Continuing to form a harmonious personality, the school remains a supporter and, in many cases, an initiator of the development of all the qualities and skills necessary for life in children. 

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