Last week, two delegations of teachers from all over Kazakhstan visited the New Generation NGS School at once. We talk about how, adhering to the principle of openness, we share our experience with Kazakhstani teachers.

On November 3, NGS hosted a meeting with computer science teachers from different regions of Kazakhstan. The teachers were in Almaty for educational purposes. All week from November 1 to November 7, they participated in the training program initiated by the non-profit organization “StudyCS”. For our part, we supported a week-long training for advanced training of computer science teachers, supplementing it with an informative lecture from our partner QStem-IT “What is STEAM education? A tool or a system?”. Especially for our guests, we also conducted an introductory tour of the school, demonstrating modern infrastructure and technical solutions. They showed how our classrooms are equipped, including computer science classrooms, Apple Classroom.

And on November 4, the board of school directors of the city of Uralsk visited NGS with a friendly visit, in order to improve their skills and establish academic ties. Olga Yuriyevna Pak, CEO of NGSolutions, told her colleagues about how a unique management system is arranged in an educational institution, which functions in the organization of the school’s work are more effectively transferred to the management company and what results can be achieved in a short time using this approach. The presentation we held was called: “NGS is a benchmark leading to the transformation of the education system.”.

We are glad that our structured experience has become useful knowledge for our guests and we are sure that it allows us to take a fresh look at the secondary education system, at the problems that teachers and school leaders face especially acutely. It is quite possible that our educational concept will respond to colleagues with fresh ideas that are applicable in their work with students, and the solutions that we use at NGS will be successfully adapted in completely different regions of Kazakhstan.   

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