Last fall, the staff of the NGS School became participants of the International Scientific and Practical Conference for Educators. The event was held in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi from October 31 to November 7, 2021.

Professional development of a teacher is a modern trend. With the transformation of the sphere of education, the contingent of students, the applied forms of education, the qualification of a teacher requires constant improvement. Only during the pandemic period, enormous changes have taken place in the work of a teacher: the mass introduction of digital tools and mixed forms of education. In addition, the modern way of life has radically changed the behavior and character of the development of the child population, which requires rapid adaptation of the teacher and the expansion of applied knowledge. With this vision, the organizer of the conference, the “KERIM League of Directors” Foundation, has prepared a rich training program for school leaders, teachers, methodologists and education managers.

Curators and primary school teachers, teachers of the Kazakh language and physical culture went on a working trip from the NGS School. 7 days of the event were held at a busy pace. The participants completed a 2-day further vocational course “New Children – New School”, visited Georgian schools with a study visit. The speakers of the scientific and practical conference presented promising areas of education development, practical cases and recommendations. Based on the results of the training, NGS teachers selected the best recommendations and are already actively used in practice.

An extensive cultural program was launched for the guests during the conference. All participants were given the opportunity to visit the sights of Tbilisi, get to know more about the culture of Georgia and its flavor.

Our specialists returned from the trip not only with updated knowledge, but also full of new impressions from the trip.


The list of those, who attended the event:

1. Mukhametkerim Mukhit - Teacher of Kazakh language and literature

2. Shchelnova Oxana - Primary school teacher

3. Turapova Malika - Primary school teacher

4. Amrayeva Leila - Primary school teacher

5. Shagatayev Edil - Physical education teacher

6. Nurseyitova Madina - Curator

7. Ibragimova Kamilya - Curator

8. Aldazhumanova Kamila - Curator

9. Jumashova Saniya - Curator

10. Abdikova Snezhana - Curator

11. Kusniyarova Anara  - Curator

12. Chakopova Aikerim  - Curator

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