New Generation School NGS
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Answers to FAQs

In this section, you can find answers to common questions parents ask us during consultations. The section is constantly expanding: as soon as we get a new question, we prepare an answer and publish it here.

How will you define your profile learning for a child in high school?

First of all, the choice of a profile depends on the choice of the student and their parents.

For our part, we provide expert assessment of teachers based on their observations of the student's interests and abilities.

What is the average monthly cost of a visit additional directions?

Our prices correspond to the average market prices in the field of additional education in Almaty. The price range is 15-38 thousand tenge depending on the classification of additional education.

Will there be parent-teacher conferences and is it possible not to visit them?

Parent meetings will be held without fail, including to receive feedback from students' parents.

The visit is recommended, but optional.

If you have urgent questions, you can contact the school's coordination center and quickly get answers from the heads of the relevant departments.

In addition to class meetings, individual meetings are also provided.

Will school uniforms be mandatory?

School uniform is a mandatory condition for attending NGS, it consists of two sets: classic and sports.

Will it be possible to sew your models from a fabric that used for sewing standard NGS school uniforms?

Yes, individual tailoring of uniforms is possible, but only from the school's branded fabric in compliance with the School's dress code.

How will you provide training homework at school?

Homework is performed only in the school in the afternoon under the guidance of class teachers and curators of the class.

The exception is some tasks, such as reading texts, watching videos, and others.

How will delivery work for pre-school classes?

Transportation for pre-school class is carried out to and from school, accompanied by two adults, in comfortable minibuses equipped with safety belts.

What kind of assessment system will you have in your school? The system of criteria assessment is currently being tested in some classes. Will it apply to you?

According to the order of MES RK from 21.01.2016 No. 52 all schools of Kazakhstan are moving to a system of criteria-based assessment.
Private schools, as well as public ones, must comply with the instructions of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In this regard, our school uses the above-mentioned criteria system modified by the NGS teaching staff, which:

  • • corresponds to the subject educational goals and does not depend on the mood of the teacher (helps to increase the objectivity of assessment);
  • • makes assessment more " transparent” and understandable for all participants in the educational process (students, parents, teachers);
  • • contributes to the development of skills of self-evaluation;
  • • assesses the student's achievements (including the most insignificant ones);
  • • has both final and intermediate assessment.

Does the school have a license for educational activities?

The New Generation School operates under the license for educational activities no. KZ13LAA00012674, issued by the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 10, 2018.

How will there be a division into basic and advanced level groups?

Based on the results of pedagogical diagnostics of educational opportunities, aptitudes, and abilities of students.
4 stages of transition to advanced education:

  • • final assessment of pre-school
  • • interim / quarterly/semi-annual / annual performance results
  • • recommendation of the subject teacher
  • • intermediate selection tests

Will the child be able to transfer to an advanced study group within a year?

Yes, the child will have this opportunity based on the results of the quarter or half of the year (depending on the subject and age category).

What textbooks will we use to teach?

Along with the textbooks recommended by the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan, additional textbooks and teaching materials on subjects will be used in accordance with the New Generation School curriculum.

Who are the founders of the school?

The founder of the company is Marina Ogay.

How does your school differ from other schools in the city?

1. We create an individual trajectory of a student's development from pre-school classes to their success in adult life through:

  • • differentiated approach to training
  • • integration of basic and additional education
  • • specialized subjects in high school
  • • individual training plan NGS
  • • elective subjects in high school
  • • recommendations for the future self-determination of the student through the analysis of the child's strengths, talent and uniqueness

2. Delineation between educational units and administrative and economic activities that the management company is responsible for. In this regard, the education unit, headed by the school Director, directs all its efforts to teach children and the final decent result, where teachers are engaged in the industry in which they are professionals.

What international partnerships will the school have? For example, with schools/universities in other countries

At the moment, our school has signed a number of memoranda with leading Universities in Hong Kong. Currently, negotiations are underway with Universities in the United States, Europe and Kazakhstan on cooperation in the field of vocational guidance.
These memoranda allow talented graduates of the school to participate in the competition for awarding grants to Universities in Hong Kong and receive full information from the University's admissions Committee on admission issues. The memoranda also allow school students to participate in summer schools and attend career guidance events organized by various faculties of the University.

How is the discount applied for two or more children from a family to study?

The order of children, namely the second, third, etc. for whom discounts are applied, go in ascending order. For example: two children, one is in grade 6, the second is in grade 3, the discount is applied to the child who is in grade 3, and the one in grade 6 pays the full cost.

At what age can I send a child to the pre-school class?

We invite children from 5 years old to the zero classes. But all children must pass the introductory stage. In the pre-school – this is an interview with a child psychologist and a primary school teacher. At the interview, specialists evaluate the child's readiness to study in the pre-school class and decide whether the child can be sent to the pre-school class or still need to wait another year. If the child is not ready for pre-school, NGS experts will provide their recommendations on what parents should pay attention to in order to prepare the child for entering pre-school for the next year.

Age category of teachers?

When recruiting teaching staff, NGS adheres to the principle of generational continuity. This principle makes sense of recruiting teachers of the old school and teachers of the new, younger generation. And working in the same team, teachers pass on the best to each other and learn from each other.