Tuition fees at the NGS private school for the 2023-2024 academic year for new students


0 - 11
1 233 400
KZT / quarter


3 700 200
KZT / year
The tuition fee includes the following services:

  • educational services:
    • in accordance with the State Compulsory Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • in accordance with the individual curriculum "New Generation School";
    • remedial classes;
    • doing homework in school;
  • medical support (including speech therapist, psychologist);
  • additional swimming, rhythmic, chess lessons;
  • 5 meals a day.

For an additional cost, the following services:

  • compulsory school uniform of the "New Generation School";
  • logistics (transportation of children);
  • additional extracurricular activities;
  • excursions, camps, etc.

The amount of a one-time entrance fee in a private school NGS for the 2023-2024 academic year

0 - 1
500 000
2 - 11
300 000

Types and conditions of discounts:


Discount in % of the specified amount in the Contract

  • If two or more members of the same family (brother, sister) attend School at the same time, tuition fees are reduced accordingly (if supporting documents are provided*)
    *Discount is applied when studying for a full academic year
"the first" - 5%
"the second and the following" - 5%
For the entire period of study
  • In case of 100% prepayment for the next academic year (until June 1 annually for existing students)
    In case of 100% prepayment for the next academic year for newly arrived students from June 1 – August 30 (as part of an individual review)
5% When studying for a full academic year**

*The supporting document for the application of the Regulation is the Birth Certificate of the students, in which the official guardian of the child as the mother and/ or father is one person.
**Upon termination of the Contract of educational services during the academic year, recalculation and refund of funds are made according to the terms of the Contract without taking into account the 5% discount.

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