New Generation School NGS
+7 (708) 704 55 44 приемная комиссия +7 (727) 225 05 05 по всем вопросам действующих учеников 4, Zhangir khan str., Yermensai dstr., Almaty (Working hours of the admissions committee: 10:00-19:00)

Tuition fee

NGS private school tuition fees for the 2021-2022 academic year

0 - 11
921 800
KZT / quarter
2 765 400
KZT / year
The tuition fee includes the following services:
  • educational services:
    • in accordance with the state educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • in accordance with the individual curriculum "New Generation School";
    • remedial classes;
    • completing homework in school;
  • medical support (including speech therapist, psychologist);
  • security system and a one-time issue of a bracelet for SKD;
  • additional lessons in swimming, rhythmics, chess;
  • 4 meals a day.
For an additional cost:
  • mandatory school form "New Generation School";
  • logistics (delivery of children);
  • additional extracurricular activities;
  • excursions, camps, etc.

The amount of one-time entrance fee to a private school NGS for the 2021-2022 academic year

300 000
Types and conditions of discounts:
Categories Discount amount in % of the specified amount in the agreement Note
If two or more members of the same family* (brother, sister) attend NGS private school at the same time, the tuition fee is reduced accordingly (if supporting documents are provided)
the second child – 10%
third child-15%
For the entire period of training
In case of 100% prepayment for the current academic year (before August 1), 5% for the current academic year
5% For the current academic year

* Conditions for applying discounts for two or more children from a family to study: for example, a family has 3 children, one is in grade 8, the second in grade 5, and the third in grade 0. 100% of the tuition fee is paid for a student in grade 8, 10% is provided for a student in grade 5, 15% for a student in grade 0.