The NGS New Generation School is a striking example of a modern educational space with a unique management system. Yevgeniya Pak, a cofounder of the NGS School project, passed the hardest selection and, having defended the NGS project, received a grant from “Skolkovo” for the MBA program.


“Skolkovo” School of Management, Moscow

The “Skolkovo” Innovative School of Business Management was founded by Russian entrepreneurs-patrons in 2006 and is already among the top 30 best business schools in the world. The organization is focused on a global mission – to assist talented people in professional development, in achieving success and improving the status of the country and the world.

Every year “Skolkovo” holds a competition for the best business ideas and projects. On average, about 2000 contestants take part in it a year, no more than 100 people pass to the finals, and only 30 of them become grant holders. This year, our compatriot, a successful Top Manager in the field of education, Yevgeniya Pak, for the first time in the history of the university, became the first girl from Kazakhstan to receive a “Skolkovo” grant for an MBA program.

The NGS New Generation School, Almaty

In the competition, the participants had the most difficult selection: from high initial requirements for candidates to the defending the project in a limited timing. The initial stage included submitting application forms and writing an essay, then passing the Talent Q Elements test, testing for English language proficiency, the results of which had to be at least upper-intermediate. The most important were assessment and interviews, on the passage of which the entry into the final depended. The assessment session was held in the format of a Zoom conference with other applicants, where it was necessary to solve cases in English and discuss the decisions made in front of assessors who fully followed the whole process. It was the most difficult stage, because in conditions of limited time and with a large number of other participants, it was necessary to prove themselves as much as possible and defend their point of view. The final step for the finalists was the presentation of projects or the solution of business cases before the commission. Yevgeniya Pak, being the cofounder of the NGS New Generation Private School, chose this project for the final. For 5 years, she has been playing a key role in the company that manages the flagship Kazakh School NGS - the leader of many republican ratings on the quality of education and innovation. Her project also relates to development in the field of education and is aligned with the mission of “Skolkovo”. It overcame serious competition and commission review, and the grant deservedly found its way into the hands of a professional.


Yevgeniya Pak, grant holder for the "Skolkovo" MBA program

Source: https://tengrinews.kz/

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