The school, which opened its doors in 2018 and reached the top positions in the Kazakhstan-wide rating, immediately launched two generations of graduates in the second year of its activity. Almost all students who graduated from NGS in 2021-2022 have successfully enrolled in the best universities in Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, Canada and other advanced countries. The level of academic performance at the school is growing from year to year, affecting the entrance results of applicants and the amount of grants provided to them.

This year, the strongest students of NGS were particularly distinguished by the results: Anastassiya Krivtsun with admission to the University of Klagenfurt, Amira Bayazerova, an IT student at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and Dara Nurgaziyeva, a grant holder of $ 225,000 from the University of Toronto in Canada.


Anastassiya, having chosen herself the specialty “International business and economics”, entered the Alpine-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt, the Austrian Higher State University and research center in Carinthia. The main building is located in Klagenfurt with branches in the largest cities of Austria: Vienna and Graz. The university was founded in 1970.

Nastya joined NGS in the first year of opening on the recommendation of friends. Despite the fact that she did not plan to change schools, after a study visit she decided to change the educational institution.

“Compared to other schools, the level of education in NGS is higher. I also liked that there were always some events that brightened up my school life.

I set a goal to get a gold medal for myself in the first grade. It also motivated me to make efforts in learning always to a greater extent than was required by the school curriculum. I think this helped me to enter into one of the best universities in Austria. In addition, the knowledge that I received at NGS helps me in today’s life, and I am sure it will be very useful in the future.

On my own behalf, I would like to wish future graduates to try themselves in different fields in order to find something they like and decide on a specialty at the university. A person should choose a profession that will bring him pleasure. So life will be much more exciting and fuller. I also advise you not to stress too much about choosing a profession. At a certain point, you realize it yourself. I want to emphasize the role of NGS in my life. The school gave me maximum opportunities to develop and strengthen my knowledge. My teachers, many thanks to them, have always had the desire and professionalism to give us material beyond the lesson plan, and this is especially valuable. After all, not every teacher is ready to move forward in order for his students to have the opportunity to be one step ahead of the other.”.

Dara came to the New Generation School after the grade 9, having made a bet in choosing a strong academic program in high school. Thanks to her abilities, her own hard work and the educational support of NGS, she managed to get an impressive grant for almost the full cost of studying at the University of Toronto.

“Until the grade 9, I studied in two schools with a direction of English language, and these schools provided the necessary foundation for admission to NGS. I had good grades and a fairly good level of English. In high school, I switched to NGS. After discussing with my family the mission of the school and the various opportunities they offer, I decided that it was at this school that I could get the knowledge and experience I needed.

There are a lot of extracurriculars in our school, starting with the Academic Olympics and ending with summer trips to foreign universities. Having a good command of mathematics, I won 1st and 2nd places at the Republican Olympiad, won a prize at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Italy. In addition to academic studies, I tried to realize my extracurricular interests. So, I completed a summer internship at Ernst and Young, which is part of BIG4. It’s no secret that every financier or auditor dreams of getting there.

Over the past two years of training, all of us, future graduates, have been provided with systematic support of the “Career Navigation” program. This is a detailed consulting on rating universities and admission conditions, as well as private consultations. Back in October 2021, the school submitted a recommendation for me to receive a grant to the University of Toronto, which gave me a scholarship of $ 225,000.

I applied to about 20 universities. Most of them are in the USA. I received an invitation from the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Warwick, Purdue University, Stony Brook University, Hult International Business School, University of South Florida, and University of Pittsburgh. I got on the waiting list of Washington and Lee University. In ten universities I received scholarships from $ 15,000 to half the cost of studying at the university. I chose a university in the top 20 in the world and the first in Canada, the University of Toronto.”

Amira studied at NGS from the grade 8 and it was at this school that she decided on the choice of profession. Having chosen the IT direction, Amira entered the University of Twente, located in Enschede, the Netherlands. The university has a staff of more than 3,300 teachers, researchers and other employees, it has more than 11,700 students from all over the world.

“My mom and I have been looking for a school for a long time that we can entrust with high school education. Having accidentally learned about the new NGS School, we got here on an excursion and were surprised by the unusual design, new equipment, and a large number of different sections. Of course, I was interested in the concept of education, the approach to teaching and teachers. We immediately trusted the school, and never once in 4 years of study was there a thought to change it.

I went to several clubs during all my years at school. Most of all I was interested in cheerleading, dancing and basketball. Of course, in high school I spent more time preparing for exams and admission, but for several years of visiting these sections, I fell in love with them very much.

While studying I have always been more inclined to the IT field, since I was familiar with it and attended certain courses. However, I never liked math and physics lessons. Over time, I learned about the professions that are most in demand nowadays and combine several profiles, that it is possible to combine creativity and programming, which subsequently influenced the choice of the faculty

Initially, I considered several European countries (England, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands). On my birthday, several universities responded to me with an invitation, and one of them was the University of Twente, the Netherlands. My mother and I eventually chose him because the rating in this specialty was higher. I enrolled in Creative Technology, which includes several disciplines. I would advise you to focus not only on global ratings, but also to read more real student comments on forums and other platforms.

I would like to wish future graduates to spend more time with their families and not let their studies harm your mental health. Appreciate every day at school. This is the most carefree time until adulthood began. I wish prosperity to the school, as I have found close friends and the warmest memories here. May NGS receive more and more awards every year and produce even more intelligent and talented students!”,

Source: https://tengrinews.kz/

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