In the summer of 2022, the best teachers and staff of the “NGS New Generation School” went to a five-star hotel on the Red Sea coast with the support of the largest Kazakh Travel Agent.

For the second year in a row, NG Solutions Management Company, in partnership with Kaztour Travel Company, organizes holidays for teachers in the best hotels in Egypt. The unique project is carried out within the framework of the social responsibility policy of both companies and in order to improve the status of a teacher. Having a similar view on the development and support of education workers, partner organizations thus work to improve the status of a teacher in Kazakh society.

This year, 10 teachers at once became the owners of tourist vouchers, changing the usual school schedule to an unhurried mode of resort holidays, and the classic dress code to a collection of cruise outfits. Luxury hotel service, exciting excursions to local attractions and historical routes, a lot of new experiences and a whole new environment have become an opportunity for teachers to fully escape from work.

Teaching, whether it concerns primary school education or relates to working with high school students, is the most stressful activity associated with high workloads. Curricula, additional hours of classes, tutoring and constant work on improving their own qualifications, all this is titanic work that requires a dynamic pace of life from the teacher. The reality of a modern teacher is that in everyday life sometimes there is no time for rest and replenishment of moral strength.

Taking care that employees have the opportunity to relax without risking emotional burnout and work with students for fun, the initiators of the project decided to provide annual rest to the best employees. In this way, they receive a significant measure of support in line with a favorable social policy.

This year, NGS teachers visited the comfortable Nubian Island 5* Hotel, which is located in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Kaztour Company tried to organize a high-level All Inclusive vacation for the honored guests, while being in touch 24/7 for help and solving any issues. The rested teachers have already shared their unforgettable emotions.

“This trip has had a positive impact on me. I learned a lot about Egypt, about everyday life and about the cuisine of this country. For me, it was a real reloading. I left and didn’t think about everyday life or any problems and had a full rest. I liked the yacht trip the most, the emotions are simply indescribable. I was delighted with the Red Sea and its underwater world. All conditions were created for us on vacation, the service was at the highest level. And since we went with our colleagues, we had a lot of fun, comfortable and calm. I spent wonderful evenings in the company of my beloved colleagues outside my country and I want to say that I am proud to work at such a school,” said Irina Apenko, a primary school teacher at NGS.

“It was a very nice bonus to the summer vacation. I had a great opportunity to strengthen my health and immunity, the opportunity to see a beautiful country rich in various sights, to see the incredibly beautiful flora and fauna of the Red Sea. Friendly staff, tourists around, sea, sun and sand – the atmosphere is indescribable, and the impressions are indelible. We got close to our colleagues in this informal setting, and I say with confidence that we had a great time.

I was afraid to swim at a depth of almost 20 years, the fear of depth was almost at the level of a phobia. But during this trip, when we were offered to go diving, for some reason I immediately agreed. Immersed after a long briefing, I watched the corals and fish. So I overcame my fear and was amazed by the underwater beauty of the Red Sea. It was very exciting,” said Raushan Bekmuratova, a primary school teacher and Head of the NGS Department of the same name.

“This trip affected me very positively. I really needed a change of scenery. We visited another country with a different culture. I saw the Red Sea for the first time and really relaxed on vacation.

The excitement started on the plane, because we were flying business class. I remember diving the most, because I can’t swim, but I still plunged under the water. The sea is so extraordinarily beautiful, bright changing colors at a depth of 10 meters. I have an indelible impression of the underwater world.

Such an award is very motivating. It was unexpected when I found out that I had received this certificate. Even before that, we were awarded certificates of merit, diplomas and even bonuses. But it was very nice to receive such a gift at the end of the school year. Of course, I wish there were more such trips, and even more employees went abroad, because it is very motivating to work more efficiently and better,” shared Galina Van-Gai, curator-educator of NGS.

Everyone wants recognition of their professional achievements and appreciation of their results. It is doubly important for education professionals to receive such motivating gifts. This journey for teachers is not only a new experience and impressions, it is also a manifestation of respect for personal contribution to the development of education.

Source: https://forbes.kz/

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