Kaztour Travel Agency took part in the motivation program of NGSolutions Management Company and helped to organize holidays for the 10 best teachers of the “NGS New Generation School”

The NGS School is a unique educational space that comprehensively develops students, and it is well understood there that the main component of the educational process is a strong staff of motivated and professional employees. NGS has a whole motivational program for its employees, and within the framework of this program, the idea arose to give tourist vouchers to Egypt to the most productive and dedicated teachers.

Kaztour shares and supports the progressive approaches of the “NGS New Generation Schools”, and for the travel company, the offer from NGSolutions to become a partner of the project opened a new niche – providing support to teachers within the framework of the agency’s social policy.

- Our company takes a socially active position and tries to help different categories of the population, and we are glad that we had a chance to make pleasant and useful gifts to teachers, - Kaztour noted and emphasized:

- Pedagogical work is one of the most resource-intensive mental work, and the teacher, like no one else, needs full restoration of emotional and physical strength.

It’s hard not to agree with this: life on schedule, hundreds of students, thousands of lessons and vacation without rest deprives school teachers of the opportunity for a full rest. It is difficult for them to find time for themselves, often they do not even think about long trips.

- Over 20 years of work, we have become well aware of how traveling affects a person’s life. Each such trip is a way to plunge into a new experience, a completely new environment, new interests and to rediscover your inner feelings and aspirations. The time spent away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life allows you to consider your life from a different angle, feel its value and set priorities more consciously. Everything important becomes obvious”, Kaztour explains. - People come back from vacation filled with new energy, charged to create their reality here and now

The agency is well aware that a teacher who has rested from routine and the burden of responsibility will broadcast his impressions and emotions to students.

- By sharing his discoveries with children, he will inspire them to expand their borders, to their future mobility, form the habit of learning new things in the world from a variety of coordinates and geographical latitudes, - they shared ideas in the travel company

As Kaztour particularly notes, the support of social initiatives is by no means limited to the registration of tourist vouchers. The company’s employees stay in touch 24/7, choosing the best hotels and high-quality service, as well as solving issues that arise during the rest. The words of gratitude from customers only confirm this.

Aisana Bakir

- This year I was lucky enough to visit an incredible country together with Kaztour and the NGS School. Our 8-day tour took place in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, in the beautiful Fun&Sun Family Seagate Aqua Hotel (managed by Rixos Premium). We were met at the airport, brought to the hotel. The staff of the hotel is very friendly, they quickly arranged for us, settled in and did everything for our comfort. It is immediately clear that people know their work 100% and do it effectively”, English teacher Aisana Bakir told about the trip

All rooms of the hotel were clean, cozy, had all the necessary cosmetics.

- We immediately went to lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of cuisine. There you can find everything for every taste, from tender veal to a large assortment of seafood, from salads to different types of cheeses, fresh fruits and a huge amount of sweets of both European and Oriental cuisine”, Aisana listed

The hotel has its own beach with two locations: for those who do not know how to swim, where the water reaches the maximum to the chest and it is very warm – these are excellent conditions for children, the teacher said. And the second part of the beach is deep, up to 25 meters, with unrealistically beautiful reefs and colorful fish, suitable for those who like snorkeling (swimming with a mask and fins, and you do not need to bring fins and life jackets with you – they are given right on the beach).

- The hotel has different types of animation – both for sports and for entertainment. In the evenings, they give concerts with talented guys, where you can sit and relax”, continued Aisana. - In fact, there is a lot to talk about, both about the hotel and about all excursions outside the hotel, because the city itself is very colorful, sincere and friendly

Primary school teacher Ardak Aukhatova also shares her impressions of the holiday.

Ardak Aukhatova

- Everything was thought out to the smallest detail: we had no worries with the transfer, registration at the hotel, PCR delivery for returning home - everything was organized in advance, - she shared her impressions. - We were lucky enough to have a rest in one of the best hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh - Fun&Sun Family Seagate Aqua. This is a very beautiful place: palm trees and other exotic trees of bizarre shapes, fresh green lawns, pools with blue water, neat cottages - a miracle in the desert! In the forty-degree heat, we did not lack for drinking water and coolness

Most of all, the teachers admired the Red Sea.

- Transparent, warm, affectionate, with light waves on the surface and a rich underwater world, it did not let us go: we came by six in the morning and tried to spend every free minute in it! Even on the day of departure, we barely got out of the water”, Ardak laughs. - I would really like to thank the staff of the hotel and all its restaurants for their high-level service and friendliness!

The same emotions were aroused by the trip and the Head of the Department of Curators of the primary school Madina Nurseitova.

Madina Nurseitova

- This trip gave me the opportunity to see the beauty of Egypt, get acquainted with the culture of this country, see the beautiful Red Sea, feel its sea breeze and enjoy the waves. It’s like I’ve fallen into an oriental fairy tale that envelops and enchants”, she says. - And thanks to this trip, another dream of mine came true: I saw one of the wonders of the world - the pyramids and the city of Cairo. For me, the trip opened a new level of normality. A chic hotel, great friendly staff, our guides - everything was on top

“We are immensely grateful to Kaztour and NGSolutions for organizing such a cool trip!” - all the tour participants agree in their opinion

Today Kaztour consists of 14 branches located in major cities of Kazakhstan; it is a team of professional managers for organizing recreation anywhere in the world; a company marked with the “Flawlessly” quality mark of the National League of Consumers.

- Our mission is to show the world the magical power of travel, because it is travel that gives us the opportunity to pay attention to what is really important, – Kaztour sums up

Source: Forbes Kazakhstan



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