New Generation School NGS
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About the new school in Almaty, why it works 12 hours a day and how it differs from the classic one

Aliya Tazabekova, Director of strategic planning and implementation of new educational projects at NGS


About opening a school

The idea of creating a new generation of schools was born by the founders of the Dutch company ROYAL CONSTRUCT B. V even before active construction began. The main goal was to allow children to develop harmoniously through academic knowledge, personal skills and athletic abilities in a single educational project. It was also considered that the perception of quality education is changing now. In our time, when people are increasingly having to compete with artificial intelligence, erudition and simple accumulation of knowledge are taking a back seat. Therefore, we should teach students to develop analytical skills and generalize information using a creative, innovative approach.

After much research and analysis of the world's best practices, the idea has acquired a clear concept and strategic plan. And in September 2018, the official opening of the school took place.

About the school's mission and philosophy

The mission of the NGS School is to prepare students for the future, for an era of innovation and bright ideas. The main goal is to instill a child's love and interest in learning. NGS teaches you to think creatively and look for unusual solutions. In other words, to do something that artificial intelligence will not be able to do for a long time.

About the school's activities

Work in our school is conducted in three directions: "Smarter! Harder! Brighter!" This is the main slogan of the school. He says that we pass on our experience to children, teach them so that they become smarter, stronger, brighter than they are today in relation to yesterday.

"Smarter" is the academic knowledge that we develop in children through the main program. "Stronger" is everything related to sports: we have a huge number of areas that allow students to become stronger and healthier. "Brighter" is the development of creative potential.

About the features of the school

NGS is an interesting project. This is due to clear planning and in-depth analysis, which initially allowed us to build high-quality educational and managerial processes. For example, the well-thought-out infrastructure of the school made it possible to implement the concept " Smarter! Harder! Brighter!"

We have offices for the implementation of creative abilities of the child: art, sculpture, creation of comics. On the territory and inside the school there are seven sports grounds, a swimming pool, a martial arts hall, two choreography halls, and a football field.

The most important difference and advantage of our school is its HR strategy and HR policy. Our organizational structure is different from the classical school. NGS consists of two large divisions: the management company and the school administration. The management company is engaged in strategic planning, attracting partners, and all business processes, including technical equipment and support of the facility. The attention of the school administration and teaching staff is focused on educational processes.

NGS personnel policy is based on the principle of generational succession. In primary classes, children receive a classic knowledge base, the Foundation from teachers with long experience. Starting from the middle level, young progressive teachers are included. We are sure that this is the most correct approach that ensures the modern development of educational processes within the school and the quality of education in General on the market. If schools and other educational institutions do not promote the acquisition of teaching experience by young professionals, then at the global level, this may lead to the loss of years of experience.

At NGS, we have created all the conditions for staff development. During the holidays, teachers attend trainings where they improve not only their professional skills, but also soft skills, which are important for communication and education of new generation students.

Our school is open 12 hours - from 08: 00 to 20: 00. Each student has individual itinerary sheets. They are designed so that the first half of the day is devoted to the main lessons, and the second half of the day allows children, depending on their needs, to attend additional classes without leaving school. This is convenient for parents and allows you not to waste time on logistics.

As for additional education, we have chosen to attract partners who specialize in a particular area and are professionals in their field. For example, we work with federations, public foundations, dance and chess schools. This allowed us to focus more on the issues of monitoring the conduct and quality of classes.

About teaching methods

After studying a lot of international and Kazakh teaching methods, we came to the conclusion that the best solution is to take as a basis the standard educational program developed by the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In case of moving to another city, if the child has to change schools, their adaptation will be better and easier.

In the main program, we have introduced those subjects that affect the development of the child, from the point of view of our philosophy. For example, a swimming lesson from grade zero. Elementary school students study the subject "Ritmoplastika". A clear relationship between a child's academic performance, development, and physical fitness has been scientifically proven. Classes using the rhythm technique improve memory and coordination. In the main program, we have such a subject as chess. This contributes to the development of logical and strategic thinking, memory.

About the teachers

The quality of the education system depends directly on the teachers who work in it. In this regard, we have developed a system of values that are the basis for choosing each of our teachers.

The first value is professionalism. NGS teachers are a team of the most talented people. We have collected them for a long time and are proud of the soul of our school. The second is respect for children and their needs, as well as recognition of the uniqueness and giftedness of each little person. The third is passion for your work. A conscious choice of your profession indicates a real desire to educate and raise the future generation. The fourth is decency. A teacher can instill this value in children only by example.

The fifth important value is team spirit and cohesion. We want a school where a child spends most of their time to become a place where they learn to get along with people and be an effective team player.

We have a system of rotation between employees of the management company and the school, within the Department and between children by age.

About plans

We continue to work on the development of the school. The issue of launching its own career guidance platform for high school students NGS Career Development Space, where the work will be conducted by full-time employees of NGS, is being actively promoted. Moreover, we are sure that these should be people who themselves went all the way to the top universities in our country and abroad under the Bolashak program or independently built a strategy for admission.

 A working group was created from different departments: financial and economic, strategic, representatives of the school administration, whose tasks include international certification. This composition is due to the need for a thorough analysis and comparison of certification opportunities in order to choose a program that will be relevant for the majority of NGS students. The process itself takes three to five years, so it is more about long-term five-year planning. This issue directly affects the future opportunities of our students and graduates, so that tomorrow, after graduating from school, they will have an education that will be in demand in the market.

 We thank all parents who shared our vision, strategic goals and values of the school at the stage of its equipment. The trust of parents has become one of the motivating factors for us in fulfilling our goals and obligations, which we are still implementing today.



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