As the first acquaintance leaves an indelible impression, so September 1 at school, especially for elementary school students, should cause children to have the right emotional mood and lively interest in learning. Therefore, accustomed to always look deeper, the NGS team tried to give this event maximum creativity and originality.

The digital school assembly began with the playback of the national anthem of our Republic and the official greeting of the director of the school of the Brave Alyona Yuriyevna. For our children and their parents, very necessary words of support were heard for the start of the new school year. For students of the zero and first grades, these parting words were especially important – they are going to school, in which distance learning may become an integral component of education and part of the standard of education in the foreseeable future.

The broadcast of the school assembly was creatively “interrupted” by a professional hacker Dazzle. Thanks to his ability to pick up the most complex combinations of characters of any password, video appeals of popular media personalities, musicians and athletes were published on the air of the school assembly. Among them were: Alan Cherkassov, Daniel James, Ilya Ilyin, Ayman Mussakhodzhayeva, Lana Kunserkina and the famous intellectual journalist Anatoliy Wasserman.

During the school assembly, two interesting quests were held, the winners of which were expected to receive valuable prizes and gifts. In one of them there was a task to find in the video broadcast Easter eggs - logos of all houses. Kim Alexandra, a student of the 6th grade, successfully coped with this.

Another task was to unravel the faces of the participants of the school self-government “Shanyrak”, hiding under the stickers of animoji in their digital video greeting. In this task, we had 4 winners at once. These are Marcel Adel (6F), Shin Alan (2D), Anastassiya Chukreyeva (6S) and Erik Magzhan (11C).

Students of grades 0 -1 did not remain without special attention and pleasant surprises. The corporate magazine “NGS Magazine”, where the certificates of “Marwin” were randomly invested, balloons were delivered to them directly home.

At the end of the festive Digital line-up, our teachers traditionally arranged a colorful dance flash mob of the best Tik-Tok trends, once again confirming their originality and moral commitment to the values of NGS.

So, in the spirit of modern trends, the New Generation School has opened the next academic year 2020 - 2021 in such an interesting format. We hope that for all our guys it was a really fascinating and memorable line, which will remain in the memory of bright emotions and pleasant memories for many years to come! 

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