A healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being of a teacher is the key to success in educational work. It is a pleasure that the management of the NGS School takes care of its teaching staff and cooperates fully. The management company within the framework of the travel project identified the 10 best teachers of the NGS School at the end of the academic year. This year I was lucky enough to be among them and get a certificate for a vacation to Egypt.

This trip was an amazing vacation. Of course, I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about it, but it turned out to be even better live! Egypt is a beautiful country with beautiful nature, unique archaeological sites and the hospitality of local residents. We were having a rest in one of the most popular and prestigious resorts in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh.

The city consists of hotels and shops, representing a huge tourist complex.

I was impressed by the amazing contrast of the colors of nature: yellow desert, pink and white, turquoise and blue coastal zones, beautiful hotel buildings, green lawns and recreation areas, blue and turquoise pool mirrors.

Special attention should be paid to the Red Sea, the saltiest sea of the World Ocean, where the water is crystal clear, 1 liter of water contains 41g of salts, which has a beneficial effect on human health. The air temperature during the vacation was the same as in our region, which was nice. We observed a unique and rich underwater world: a variety of corals, marine flora and fauna while underwater swimming: diving and snorkeling. Just imagine the feeling that you can experience when diving. This is a completely different world and even reality, where you can turn into a dolphin for a few minutes and look at all the surrounding beauty, the rich underwater world and a large number of coral reefs. We enjoyed the distinctive and original Egyptian cuisine. Gardeners work constantly, it’s nice to watch how they bring beauty to the territory, mow lawns, transplant something. The hotel staff is very friendly and welcoming. You are surprised at the perseverance of the workers who create amazing beauty oases for a great holiday among the arid desert!

During the trip, there was a change of perspective and an opportunity to disconnect from work, bustle and relax in the company of colleagues. Sea air, salt water, sun, positive emotions gave a boost of energy and a total reloading. We had a great vacation, fully recovered our strength and built up our health!

I would like to thank the management company and the founders of the School for a pleasant bonus in the form of a trip that left an unforgettable impression!

Primary school teacher

R. Bekmuratova

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