A unique data systematization platform has been launched at NGS. An innovative digital product in the field of secondary education was developed by order of the school to improve the quality of education. It is also planned to increase the level of service for parents of schoolchildren and teachers with its help.

Work on the creation of the platform began in 2021. By the middle of the year, the school already had more than 1,700 participants, for whom it was necessary to speed up the transfer of information between 50 parallel classes and 26 structural divisions, to provide parents with a more comfortable service and up-to-date data about children. The task was to optimize the school route of each student in the “full-time” mode, including both the main and additional part of the training, localizing all this on one resource for all members of the school community.

That is, for each of the parties involved, taking into account their key needs, it was necessary to find working solutions and combine them into one effective system. On this basis, the structure of the platform was created and all its functionality was developed.


The increasing pace of modern life has also affected the field of education. Children, along with adults, process a huge amount of information and navigate this flow more spontaneously, as training programs intensively introduce new data, approaches and format. The main attention of the working group was paid to this – to designate a clear and logical educational route for students.

From what was included in the student’s user interface: an individual schedule taking into account general and personal classes, a schedule of testing and control of knowledge, tutoring hours. It also includes an annual plan of events, structured data on additional education, and access to information about the House System and GPA performance in dynamics.

The student’s own profile combines the functions of a planer, a router, a calendar and a visit tracker. The ordering of all information creates convenience in everyday use and benefits the simulator for the development of planning skills. The student’s electronic portfolio is available to parents with a calendar of events, academic performance and attendance. In addition, the catalog of additional education contains all the information about the types of classes, teachers and coaches.

The third party of users - employees and partners of the school see an automated schedule of classes, data on their students and upcoming events. In addition to the main schedule, there is also a schedule of additional education. The latter is important because more than ten classes are held at one time and requires organized movement within the school.


The work on the platform was built in such a way as to find solutions for all target groups and lead them to a specific result – improving the quality of training, service and interaction.

To this end, it was possible to set up access to up-to-date information on one resource simultaneously for all users: students, teachers, employees, partners of additional education and parents. With an individual route, the educational processes in the school are optimized. A preventive service has been created when the necessary information can be uploaded without leaving home.

The platform is adapted to various digital devices and is provided with full technical support. Soon it will be supplemented with new sections and user functions, and already now all information from various electronic platforms is synchronized into a single database and a convenient format.

The test launch of the first technological product for schoolchildren has already started and promises to become a full-fledged part of NGS life, helping children learn even more dynamically, more productively, more successfully!

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