New Generation School NGS
+7 (708) 704 55 44 приемная комиссия +7 (727) 225 05 05 по всем вопросам действующих учеников 4, Zhangir khan str., Yermensai dstr., Almaty (Working hours of the admissions committee: 10:00-19:00)


Stylish and modern architecture

Stylish and modern architecture 1
Stylish and modern architecture 2
Stylish and modern architecture 3
Stylish and modern architecture 4

School building

  • The concept of flexibility and variability of education is also embodied in the architecture of the New Generation School.
  • The school building is built from eco-friendly materials in accordance with modern safety and quality standards.
  • Own steamshop with Italian equipment of a new generation provides the school with autonomous heating, so we are always warm and comfortable.
Interior 1
Interior 2
Interior 3
Interior 4
Interior 5
Interior 6
Interior 7


  • The modern interior of the school involves learning, relaxing and creative areas. The spacious classes, lounge spaces and green corners on each floor create a friendly atmosphere for study, creativity and collaboration.
  • Learning is light! Large windows provide good natural light inside the building. Together with the sun's rays, a good mood penetrates the school.
  • Vivid design tunes for creativity and socialization. Against the backdrop of branded walls, I want to take a selfie and check in at school, and this motivates the children of a new generation.
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 1
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 2
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 3
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 4
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 5
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 6
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 7
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 7
«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» 7

«Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!»

  • Зоны «Умнее! Сильнее! Ярче!» отражают девиз Школы NGS и три направления развития учеников нового поколения.
  • Такие зоны созданы для мотивации, вдохновения и отражения побед и достижений наших учеников.
  • На них вы сможете увидеть индивидуальные и групповые фото учеников, отличившихся в академических, спортивных и творческих направлениях, выигранные ценные кубки и вдохновляющие цитаты.

Advanced equipment and technology

Advanced equipment and technology 1
Advanced equipment and technology 2
Advanced equipment and technology 1
Advanced equipment and technology 1


  • On how comfortable it will be for the child at the desk, his posture and even academic performance depend. The desks at the New Generation School are made of high-quality materials with height adjustment to make it comfortable to study from first to final grade.
  • Classrooms are provided with chalk boards for creativity, as well as interactive whiteboards with touch screens.
  • The classrooms of the junior school are equipped with individual lockers, and in the corridors of the high school lockers with electronic locks are installed, in which the ACS system (Access Control and Control System) is integrated.

Assembly Hall

  • 530 sq.m. Creativity is our spacious assembly hall, the citadel of art.
  • A large stage, a velvet curtain, two artistic rooms and 300 seats - all in the best theater traditions.
  • Students can not only try themselves in the role of real artists thanks to professional acoustics, but also make an original number in the light of spotlights.
Assembly Hall
Assembly Hall

Sport halls

  • In a healthy body - a healthy person! Sports hall with a total area of 576 sq.m. Suitable for playing basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, indoor soccer and gymnastics.
  • A special elastic coating meets all modern requirements, and marking and equipment allows for a wide variety of training and competitions.
  • For the convenience of students, there are 2 spacious locker rooms and 2 showers that meet all hygiene standards.
  • Martial arts hall for martial arts, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling. 286 sq. M. meters, special shells and the best craftsmen.
Sport halls


  • Ceiling height 4.5 meters - for flights above the parquet.
  • Mirrors, machine tools, special coating and musical accompaniment.
  • Cha-cha-cha, fouete, twine - a couple of pa from the best masters of the country, and your girl is a prima ballerina.


  • Sports pool 25x6 meters with three lanes and starting tables. Now you can dive into the healthy lifestyle with your head!
  • One of the best water filtration and quality control systems from leading European manufacturers today.
  • Warm floor, 2 locker rooms, 2 showers - all for the comfort of students.

Outdoor soccer field

  • Sports ground for futsal, but for maximum «goooooal».
  • Grandstand on the lawn.
  • Coverage: artificial turf suitable for playing at any time of the year or any weather.
 Outdoor soccer field
 Outdoor soccer field

Indoor tennis court

  • Professional tennis court with grass cover, which will train the future first rackets of the school, and even the country.
  • Fenced tribune for 40-50 people for sporting events and competitions.
  • Independence from weather conditions.

Health Saving Technologies

Health Saving Technologies 1
Health Saving Technologies 2
Health Saving Technologies 3


  • You are what you eat. The New Generation School has a dining room with its own production, which provides balanced healthy food every day.
  • The total dining area is 1023 sq.m., the dining room area for 350 people is 665 sq.m.
  • Professional modern kitchen equipment that meets sanitary and epidemiological requirements from leading manufacturers in Russia and Italy.


  • Four meals a day include complex breakfasts with fruits and cereals, hot lunches with salads, full dinners and express snacks. The menu was developed by the chef based on the recommendations of nutritionists and includes a complete set of nutrients.
  • A buffet works, in the assortment of which there are always salads, fruits, flour products, juices, mineral water, confectionery.
  • In the diet of students there are always first and second courses prepared in ecologically clean water.

Medical block

  • The medical unit includes a doctor’s office, a treatment room, a psychologist’s and speech therapist’s office.
  • All rooms are equipped in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
  • One of our priorities is to take care of the physical and mental health of children.

Security system

Security system 1
Security system 1

Safe area

  • New Generation School - This is a safe area.
  • The School has an Access Control Control System with SMS notifications. When a student arrives in or leaves the territory, the system sends an automatic message.
  • The School has an Access Control Control System with SMS notifications. When a student arrives in or leaves the territory, the system sends an automatic message.
  • In emergency situations, the Alarm System is activated, and the ACS System automatically opens checkpoints, turnstiles and fire exits.

Security Agency and CCTV System

  • The school is under the constant supervision of a security agency.
  • More than 100 security cameras are installed inside and outside the building.
  • The security system operates on the school grounds 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


  • There is a regular delivery to and from school by comfortable minibuses from leading manufacturers.
  • School buses «Toyota», «Ford», «Mercedes».
  • The vehicle fleet is subject to timely maintenance, and the staff is carefully selected: driving experience and experience with children is mandatory.