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X-men: parents of the new generation

If you charged water through the TV, wore a key around your neck and found Perestroika, then-congratulations! – you are the most typical member of the Х generation. Why have you been dubbed the "unknown generation", what is your X-factor and how do the children of the new generation influence you and you influence them?

Pre-Internet era

Witnesses of the pre-Internet era were born from 1961 to 1981, they met on the way the Afghan and Chechen wars,  the collapse of the USSR. Before their eyes, the entire technological evolution took place: from a personal computer with a bulky system unit to artificial intelligence. Together with the Х's, the world was turned upside down several times, and each time they deftly bent under the changeable mode, pumping their neural connections better and better. People X are able to stand on their feet in any living conditions, showing amazing adaptability, intelligence and ingenuity.

The peak of social life and the formation of "Х" as individuals came at a time when the computer was a rarity. Therefore, live communication and real human relationships have become a fundamental value of the generation.

Key on the neck

The main quality of the "unknown" generation is independence, readiness for change and self-reliance. If you reduce the strategy of success to a simple formula, it will be something like this: rely on your own strength + have a Plan B in your head + be prepared for the worst.

"X" grew up very independent children, because their parents were always at work or gave a debt to the Motherland. The children took their own walks, prepared their own meals, explored the world themselves, and filled their own cones. The key on the neck is a symbol of early adulthood. However, it is thanks to this routine that a generation of individualists and pragmatists has grown up, who rarely ask for help and know what to do. What can I say, it was "x" that created all the innovative benefits of civilization, including our favorite startups, social networks, mobile education and a new Generation of NGS School.

Patience and hard work

Patience and work are sacred. "X" is not in a hurry to hit the jackpot and is ready to climb the career ladder for years. Everything in order: school, UNIVERSITY, profession, salary, position, professional development, service, growth. This life strategy has not failed anyone yet, why jump over the steps and take risks? Therefore, parents X are genuinely surprised when child Z decides to change the order of things and get a profession, job, and fee while still a student at school. This scheme introduces parents to cognitive dissonance, because what they believed in is collapsing.

Psychologist and teacher Lyudmila Petranovskaya told about the consultation that she had with the mother of a sixteen-year-old boy. Mom-X complained that her son does nothing, does not prepare for exams and all day long sits on the Internet. It turned out that the guy composes music for computer games, earns about three thousand euros a month, is in demand in Australia and Canada. As we can see, a child of a new generation received a profession, recognition and a decent income while still a school student. He missed several checkpoints – such as graduation, admission, UNIVERSITY, internship, first job, etc. In other words, the guy broke the system and significantly shortened the path to success. NGS gives you the opportunity to do the same: not to wait for the "crust", but to get real experience as a schoolboy in various sections that are included in the basic cost of education in NGS (editorial office of the school newspaper, radio Studio, school self-government, social projects, camerawork, public speaking, as well as film screenings with discussion).

Technology in the service of mutual understanding

According to a study conducted by Nickelodeon, two-thirds of parents from generation X claim to have a closer relationship with children Z than their parents have with them. 83% of gen Xers consider their children best friends. How did this happen? Parents and children share the same Internet, which means they share common interests, public posts, hashtags, and content. Parents watch what their children follow, and children like what their parents like. In this case, they will always have something to talk about, and this helps them find a common language.

It is funny that not only technology helps to find mutual understanding between parents and children, but also the desire of parents to "friend" children pushes generation X to master the Internet and study technology. Like all children, generation Z is very quick to find ways to hide something from their parents? Generation X continues to work hard to keep up with their children and be involved in everything that interests them. Thus, the "x" first appeared in viber, and soon will subscribe to the "Zetas" and in snapchat. Hard work and adaptability are very useful here.

Despite all the digital nature of the present time, home is not an icon in the Instagram interface, but a real place where a loving parent "X" is always waiting for their child "z". Children of the new generation appreciate family, home comfort and support, but how often they will go from online to offline depends on the upbringing and values that will be laid down, including in school. At NGS, we advocate a balanced online and offline lifestyle that includes both educational content and family leisure with Wi-Fi disabled.

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