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Children Z: Generation of innovations and ideas

Your children are a new generation, different from all the previous ones. "Z" grasp information on the fly, easily learn in the digital world and show phenomenal innovative abilities. Today they are just children, but tomorrow they will be the ones who will change our world. Why are they called the "Generation MeMeMe", what can we expect from those who were born "with a mouse in their hand", and what role will their parents play in the evolution of mankind?


If the key on the neck of the "x" is a symbol of independence and early adulthood, then the tablet in the school satchel of the "z" is the result of globalization and technology development. Children born after 2003 began to explore the digital world from the cradle, and some appeared in social networks even before they first opened their eyes. iGeneration, as sociologists eloquently called them, does not know the world with wired phones and understands gadgets on an intuitive level.

The information field around them changes with each click, just have time to switch from one topic to another. However, here experts also talk about disadvantages. "Clip thinking" (the ability to perceive information in small portions) and the ability to keep the focus no longer than 8 seconds – this is the reverse side of the development of mobile technologies. Young users strive to get as much information as possible and, as a result, focus on quantity rather than depth. Why remember what Google Drive or Dropbox will save anyway– it's better to use your energy to analyze and interpret the data. In other words: the era of school rote learning is over, it's time for critical thinking, creativity and collaboration – these are the qualities that are cultivated in the new Generation of Schools.

Generation MeMeMe

Due to the fact that the digital world is self-centered, and parents strive to give their children everything they did not have, the younger generation is accused of narcissism. For this phenomenon, sociologists have even come up with a special name – "Generation-MeMeMe".

For generation Z, the functionality and practicality of everything that surrounds them – from gadgets to scientific concepts-is important. To become someone, they are not ready to wait until they grow up, but try to self-actualize here and now. The Zetas question the dogmas of the last century and are ready to create new ones based on their own needs and patterns of behavior. "Generation-MeMeMe" cares about the future in the context of its own comfort. They are ready to test stereotypes and create a new wonderful world with unprecedented enthusiasm. Although they are called "narcissists", the new generation will start a family out of feelings, and not because you need a profile of the second person to fill in the "relationship status" column.

Quality upgrade

The Zetas are concerned with global issues and are interested in science, robotics, and art. Among the important features of the new generation are responsibility and determination, a realistic view of the future and planning your own life for the future. Children-innovators strive for a balanced lifestyle, in which they will work for creative pleasure and social benefit. Beauty for them is not only appearance, but also a healthy lifestyle. Problems of ecology and medicine are the key issues that concern representatives of generation Z. Those born in the two thousandth perceive the world not as a threat, but as a field for experimentation. Through a combination of courage, creativity, social responsibility and technology, the new generation will be able to offer more interesting and effective solutions to the world's problems. What does this mean? That we will soon witness changes 3.0.

Parents and teachers

You don't need to be a sociologist to understand that the Zetas will form as individuals under the influence of the X's. The values that parents give their children will influence the future of all future generations. Tony Wagner, an expert at the innovation Lab at Harvard University and author of " Creating innovators. How to educate young people who will change the world " speaks about critical skills: analytical thinking, flexibility, curiosity, imagination, effective oral and written communication. There is no place in its concept for memorizing historical dates or even a multiplication table, but continuous learning and freedom of choice are highlighted in bold. In a New Generation of Schools, we inherit Tony Wagner: we give students maximum opportunities for self-realization and teach them to analyze, rather than memorize, the material they have learned.

Please pay special attention to the freedom of choice of parents. Give the child room to maneuver. The schedule must have free time to surf the Internet and search for yourself: "z" intuitively understands what wave to take right now, and where it will lead the current. Perhaps the exotic hobby that your child has created will grow into a popular profession in the future and change the world for the better.

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