Admission to our school is carried out on a competitive basis based on the results of entrance diagnostics:


0 - 1
To enter grades 0-1, a child must pass an interview with a psychologist and a primary school teacher, which determines their knowledge, skills and readiness to learn.
2 - 11
To enter grades 2-11, a student must complete written and oral tasks in mathematics, Kazakh, Russian and English, and pass a psychology test.

How to join NGS

Regardless of the complete set of classes, there is still the possibility of places appearing during the year.
You can apply for a reserve in two ways:

  • in person at school

  • in electronic form to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We will contact you if a seat is available. See the sample application here

All reserve applications, if you are not received in the current year, are automatically transferred to the next year. You will be contacted by the administrator during the next recruitment period.

For incoming students it is necessary


Sign a contract for educational services

  • To sign, please contact the school administration at the address: Ermensai district, 4 Zhangir Khan street. Contact information and a map of the route can be found here.


Provide documents

  • The student's cumulative file
  • An absentee ballot on the disposition of the student from the previous school

  • A copy of the student's ID card or birth certificate indicating the IIN

  • Student's report cards for previous years of study. Admission of students to grades 10 and 11 is made upon submission of a state-issued document on basic secondary education

  • 3x4 photos in the amount of 2 pieces

  • A copy of the identity card of one of the parents

  • Medical documents:
    a) child's health Passport
    b) Document on the state of health according to the form № 026/at-3
    c) Document on the state of health in the form no. 063/y
    d) Medical certificate for visiting the pool (with mandatory examination: feces on eggs worm or 3-fold scraping on eggs worm)
    e) for the category of children with food allergies, with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to provide the conclusion of an allergist, pediatrician or gastroenterologist
    f) for the category of children who are registered at a dispensary, it is necessary to provide a conclusion of specialized specialists

  • If parents refuse vaccination, they must provide a written refusal