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+7 (708) 704 55 44 приемная комиссия +7 (727) 225 05 05 по всем вопросам действующих учеников 4, Zhangir khan str., Yermensai dstr., Almaty (Working hours of the admissions committee: 10:00-19:00)

Приветственное слово Генерального директора NG Solutions

I am glad to welcome you to "New Generation School" at the most crucial moment – the moment when we are creating one of the best schools in Almaty. Today we have 20 000 m2 of rich educational space at our disposal, and we dedicate it entirely to children.

My 25-year experience of administrative work in the best public and private schools shows that the quality of the education system directly depends on the teachers who work in it. In this regard, the focus number 1 in our school is personnel: professionalism and pedagogical talent of teachers, passion for their work, desire to be teachers. You can't give others what you don't have: it's not easy for students to graduate at the highest level if their teachers don't have the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities.

It is also important that the perception of quality education is changing. In an era when people have to compete with artificial intelligence more and more often, erudition and simple accumulation of knowledge fade into the background. To look forward to the future with confidence, we should now teach students through a creative, innovative approach, develop analytical skills and the ability to analyze and summarize information. These are areas in which a person will remain unsurpassed for a long time. That's why focus # 2 in our training is the so-called soft skills: values, beliefs, objective thinking, teamwork, and caring for others.

Пак Ольга Юрьевна
Пак Ольга Юрьевна Генеральный директор NG Solutions

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