NGS team

Welcome speech by the CEO of NG Solutions

During the pre-launch period, the strategic task of our team was to open the school and establish its positioning in the market as a unique educational space that develops new generation students 360 degrees. But after the opening, the main task was to ensure the smooth operation of the facility, the safety of children and employees, nutrition, financial stability of the enterprise, communication with the market and at the same time strategic planning of development within the framework of the concept “Smarter! Stronger! Brighter!”.

NG Solutions Management Company will continue to work on more ambitious goals and projects in various fields. We have made sure that our unique management model with the participation of project management in the field of education is successful. This is evidenced by the happy faces of children, the pride of parents and our indicators. It is equally important to receive feedback from colleagues from the private education market.

We are encouraged by the increased understanding of the importance of corporate management and sustainable development in industries where such approaches have found less use. Following our mission – the development of a new generation of the country, as well as adhering to the values of openness and transparency, we willingly share our observations, experience and expertise with colleagues. The transformation of existing players in the private education market and the emergence of new ones, by analogy with our synergy model, cannot but rejoice: experienced teachers who love their work + managers from blue-chip companies of the domestic economy.


CEO of NG Solutions

Pak Valentin

Chief Operating Officer of NGSolutions

Tazabekova Aliya

Director of Strategic Development of NGSolutions

Khon Alexandra

HR Director NGSolutions

Valeisho Dmitriy

Technical Director of NGS

Kim Irina

Director of Staff Training and Development

Bassanov Yerzhan


Pak Yevgeniya

Director of the Department for Implementation and Execution of NGSolutions Projects

Madiyev Sergey

Head of Security Service

Blagodatskaya Galina

Chief accountant

Otarbayev Diyar

Financial analyst

Akperlinova Gaukhar

Chief accountant

Zhanakov Yernar

Deputy Director for External and Internal Communications

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