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Welcome speech of the principal

Dear parents, dear children, teachers and guests of our website!

I am sincerely glad to welcome you to the website of the New Generation School!

Since 2018, our school has been taking a leading position in the field of private education in Kazakhstan, applying a unique management model with the participation of project management.

We perceive the field of education as the most important for the development of the new generation of the country, which is reflected in our mission and in the strategic planning of the school’s activities. To achieve this ambitious goal, we apply modern approaches in our activities, introducing educational programs for the teaching staff and students of the school, providing extensive infrastructure and logistical capabilities.

The concept of “Smarter! Stronger! Brighter!”, on which our work is based, offers NGS students an effective system of education, upbringing and development, in which each of them is able to fully realize their potential. An enhanced academic base with additional disciplines and specialized training, sports and creative classes on the principle of “school in school”, professional orientation of high school students and preparation for international exams, social and volunteer school life, the latest technical equipment, safety and teaching staff continuously improving their pedagogical skills, all these conditions are created by us in order to so that NGS students have versatile opportunities to develop.


We are proud of the results of our work when we see our students as prize-winners and winners of national and international Olympiads, sports competitions and creative contests. Our graduates receive invitations from top Kazakhstani and foreign universities, having due demand and consciously choosing a future profession. In 2021, the guys from NGS became students of universities in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, the USA and other developed countries in more than 20 promising specialties. Their success also applies to us, teachers who have given not only the necessary knowledge, but also education, respect for others, self-confidence and focus on results. By helping the students of the new generation to be brighter, stronger, smarter, we help them find their place in the future and become happy.

On behalf of our team, I wish the guys to fearlessly develop their abilities, consciously set goals and confidently go to them. Adhere to the principles of honesty, responsibility and a positive outlook on the world, maintain freedom of choice, find like-minded people and develop their interests. May each of you find your purpose in life and find true happiness.

Akhmetova Samal
Principal of the school

Samal Bulatovna is a hereditary teacher and professional manager in education.

In 2017, she was selected for the master’s degree program at Nazarbayev University from among 300 applicants to participate in the “new format” training program for education managers. She has the skills of effective management of educational processes that can transform the education system.

During the period of professional activity in the NIS of the city of Astana, she helped more than 1000 graduates with the choice of a profession and admission to the best foreign universities. In their person Samal Bolatovna found a huge number of friends around the world.

In 2018, she was invited by the Management Company of the New Generation School NGS to implement the project “Career Navigation”. Within 2 years, 32 students of the first NGS graduation were prepared for admission, memoranda were signed with such international universities as PolyU, Glion, Les Roches, Lighnan University. IELTS and Provisional English subjects are also introduced into the main program.

Teaching staff

       * The teaching staff will be updated.

Adviser to the headmaster

General work experience:
more than 37 years

Deputy Director for organizational and pedagogical work
Math teacher

General work experience:
more than 9 years

Leading specialist in organizational and pedagogical work

Music Teacher

Work experience:
more than 10 years

Specialist in organizational and pedagogical work

Teacher of mathematics

Work experience:
more than 2 years

Director of the High School Academic Performance Department

Work experience:
more than 25 years

High School Academic Performance Coordinator

Work experience:
more than 4 years

Director of the Department of Academic Performance of the junior school

Work experience:
more than 25 years

Primary School Academic Performance Coordinator

Work experience:
more than 12 years 


Work experience :
more than 20 years

Director of the Student Support Department

Work experience:
more than 7 years

Organizer of extracurricular activities

Work experience:
more than 6 years


Work experience:
more than 35 years

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