New Generation School NGS
+7 (708) 704 55 44 приемная комиссия +7 (727) 225 05 05 по всем вопросам действующих учеников 4, Zhangir khan str., Yermensai dstr., Almaty (Working hours of the admissions committee: 10:00-19:00)

Our guarantees

High quality of education.
1 High quality of education.
Non-executive principal of our school has more than 20 year working experience within the private education sector in the major Russian cities, and our teachers are some of the best teachers in Kazakhstan. This level of the teaching team allows us to guarantee pupils high quality of knowledge, successful passing of the prescribed examinations, entering universities and winning at Academic Olympics and competitions.
2 Personification.
All pupils are unique. We strive to find an individual approach to each of them. We help to identify and develop their gifts so they know their strong suits by the time of admission and understand where they can be applied to the best advantage.
Suitable schedule
3 Suitable schedule
Pupil’s school day is arranged in such a way as to ensure his/her comfort and harmonious development. Basic subjects’ unit comes first then the pupils attend extended education classes. During breaks pupils can always have rest and take a walk in the fresh air. All homework shall be done at school.
Grading fairness.
4 Grading fairness.
School authorities monitor fairness of the grading system on a rolling basis. The assessment grades are always followed by the teachers’ comments and recommendations in order to make it more convenient for the pupils and so they know what they should pay attention to.
Healthy diet.
5 Healthy diet.
The menu is prepared by the chef based on the dietitians’ recommendations and includes the full choice of nutrients. The diet is made considering the age of the school students, products seasonality and calorific value of dishes. 4-time-meal system consists of several dishes at a choice not repeating within 20 days.
Medical screening.
6 Medical screening.
The school offers own medical service. Highly experienced health care personnel work in special rooms fitted with professional equipment. Their responsibilities also include school diet control.
7 Security.
Our school is equipped with the Access Control System and comes under regular surveillance of the security agency. Over 100 CCTV cameras are installed inside and outside the building.