New Generation School NGS
+7 (708) 704 55 44 приемная комиссия +7 (727) 225 05 05 по всем вопросам действующих учеников 4, Zhangir khan str., Yermensai dstr., Almaty (Working hours of the admissions committee: 10:00-19:00)

Our approach


Our goal is to promote love and interest of studying for a child. We know how to teach studying. Z generation children will live in a flexible world with rapid pace where it is not knowledge coming into the picture but the ability to find it, to analyze and to distinguish reliable information from the false one. NGS will teach you thinking outside the box and looking for unusual solutions – that is to do the things that artificial intelligence will not be able to do for a rather long time.

School background

Every child is special. We want them day by day to become better than they were yesterday. Smarter, stronger, brighter. Therefore, we have developed and introduced unique education program including basic and advanced program subjects, development of the child’s creative potential and sport education.

Smarter, stronger, brighter day by day!
360° child development on a school basis
  • Basic + Advanced program + Nonstandard subjects. Say good-bye to your tutor!
  • Extended education provided by the strongest training centers in NGS.
  • Realized potential of the child = the guarantee of entering the best national and foreign universities.
A harmonious personality in a sound body
  • Swimming pool, MMA gym, soccer field and tennis courts – are modern and new.
  • Basic program is supplemented with the subjects such as swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. All inclusive!
  • Extracurricular physical education provided by the best national sports schools within NGS territory.
We teach thinking outside the box
  • Extracurricular education provided by the top-class music and art school at NGS.
  • Theater activities of the school directed by the Lermontov Theater.
  • Own radio, printing house and art classes. Try the profession just right at school!