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Generation Y: parents of the new generation

What can you expect from people whose childhood was marked by the Apocalypse and the change of epochs? That's right, great humor, epic creativity, and unity in the face of change. It is these qualities that have allowed Generation Y to create all that we have today. So, who are these people who invented social networks, globalization, 4G, cryptocurrency, galactic licenses, avocado Burger and eternal youth? We understand what is the peculiarity of "Y", how to use your thumb to undermine old systems and set new trends, what is "workpusks" and why 35 is the new 18?

Global Citizen

Thanks to the development of social networks, the world has become one. News is no longer shared geographically: it doesn't matter the country of the incident, it matters the context. People are equally strongly involved in events in their hometown and on the other side of the planet. Millennials were formed as individuals in social networks, where there are no borders or pronounced division into nationalities, where the flash mob begins in Illinois, and ends in China, passing the wave across Europe. Hence the absolute tolerance "Y", which manifests itself in the Outlook of "different = equal". The variety of social media profiles has taught us courtesy and acceptance. It's normal for Millennials to be different, normal to be themselves, and normal to Express themselves freely. NGS also follows a creative self-realization approach with maximum freedom of choice.

Flexibility is the sister of efficiency

Millennials are those who adjust their work to life, not the other way around. They want everything at once, here and now. The desire for rapid success encourages Millennials to experiment: flexible schedule, outsource interdisciplinarnost. All these achievements of office plankton were made possible by the perseverance and ingenuity of Generation Y. At NGS, we have been instilling flexibility, variability, and mobility in our students ' work processes and teamwork since school, because in the future, no one will be tied to an office.

Millennials are not used to starting professional growth from the lowest levels and waiting several years for promotion. Therefore, "Y" master several professions at once and capture the market (read - "world") with a full package of skills.

Modern thirtysomethings are a tribe of indie nomads who work remotely on fulltime, traveling the world with the benefits of the techno revolution in their backpack. Such an exciting tour with regular expeditions to the working post office is called "workpusk" and differs from the usual trip in that people do not behave like tourists, trying to check in at all must visit places, but enjoy life as a local, combining work and leisure.

Generation of the thumb

Millennials are a generation focused on getting quick rewards. Therefore, in social networks, any revolution can be made in one click and with just one thumb. The digital world is a familiar environment for Millennials. History is written literally with the thumb of the right hand: after all, our "taps" and "swipes" undermine old systems, set new trends, find love, and sometimes mine a whole crypto – state. One of the most important distinguishing features of Generation Y communication psychology is multitasking in the use of communication tools: they can simultaneously chat with several people, read a site on a different topic, and follow updates on Twitter and blogs.

Eternal youth

For all their technology and intelligence, Millennials are delaying the transition to adulthood and manifest "35 is a new 18" under the hashtag #foreveryoung. It is not surprising against the background of the fact that the world health organization has officially revised the age norms: now officially, youth lasts up to 44 years.

Members of generation Y tend to delay the transition to adulthood for a longer time than their peers in previous generations. The fact is that Millennials are much less eager to buy their homes, often change jobs and try to travel a lot. Youth is not an age, but a state of mind.

Parents 2.0

Millennials make up the main parent mass on the planet today. But do they follow the example of their parents or apply new principles of parenting? The answer is as clear as code: "Y" is the parent of the new sample, and hence the approach to parenting and Outlook on education completely changed.

The first difference is the availability of information. If earlier my grandmother knew the answers to all questions – from diapers to the school curriculum – now Google has taken its place. The flow of information and the number of its sources have long surpassed what can be comprehended. Therefore, one of the world's most famous experts on child development, Oscar Brenifier, recommends developing critical thinking in children. The expert advises parents and teachers to ask children questions and together answer "why so". Analysis of information and creative interpretation of data, rather than studying the material – this is one of the main approaches to learning at NGS.

The second feature of Parents 2.0 is individualism. "Y" strive for self-actualization. They put the same values in their children. The NGS team has developed and implemented a unique educational program with an individual plan. So that every child will reach their potential and become even smarter, stronger, and brighter. New generation education at NGS includes basic and advanced subjects, as well as creative development and sports education. In the Department of continuing education, we help to discover talents in various art studios and creative sections-from the course "Design Thinking" to the radio Studio – so that by the time students choose a profession, they already know their strengths and understand where they can be applied in the best way.

Millennials are the first generation of truly open, tolerant and free people who do not repeat the patterns of behavior of previous generations, but trample their way and find the truth of truths through discussion and maximum repost.

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